Welcome to The Genesee Idaho Directory

This website is designed to help give the residents and people visiting Genesee a place to find out about all of the bunsinesses and community organizations. This website was designed by the Genesee High School Web Design class. If you are a business and want any information added or edited please contact Pete Crowley at prcowley@sd282.org.

A Little Bit About Genesee

"As a home city Genesee possesses many advantages. Climatic conditions are almost ideal. Its location is about 2700 feet above sea level, but mountains in all directions keep out the storms and cold indigenous to less favored regions and at the same time render the air absolutely pure and wholesome….

Genesee derives its support from the rich agricultural and horticultural districts surrounding it. Its growth has been coincident with the development of these natural resources. The same appearance of thrift and prosperity which characterizes the town and its schools, churches, handsome residences and substantial business structures is apparent in a marked degree in the country. Nice farm buildings are the rule rather than the exception. The Genesee valley is embraced within the eastern part of the famous Palouse district and in extent and production easily takes first rank…." read more.

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